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  • Chip Woolley(Skeet Ulrich) has a heart-to-heart talk with Mine That Bird (Sunday Rest). width:600;;height:400
  • Jockey Calvin Borel (as himself) races Mine That Bird (Sunday Rest) at Churchill Downs. width:600;;height:400
  • Producer/Director Jim Wilson talks to Christian Kane (far left) and <br />Skeet Ulrich on location in Anthony, New Mexico. width:600;;height:400
  • Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich), Leonard ‘Doc’ Blach (William Devane) and <br />Mark Allen (Christian Kane) react to their competition at Santa Anita Park racetrack. width:600;;height:400
  • Bill Woolley (David Atkinson) and Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich) <br />lose another race at Sunland Park. width:600;;height:400
  • Pam Blach (Judith Jones), Kelly (Todd Lowe) and <br />Serena Blach (Jessi Badami) join in a toast. width:600;;height:400
  • Leonard ‘Doc’ Blach (William Devane), Mark Allen (Christian Kane) and <br />Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich) cheer each other. width:600;;height:400
  • Kelly (Todd Lowe) prevents a fight at the Derby Ball as Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich) and <br />Alex (Madelyn Deutch) look on. width:600;;height:400
  • Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich) and Alex (Madelyn Deutch) have a heart-to-heart <br />talk during their road trip to Churchill Downs. width:600;;height:400
  • Gus (Vic Browder), Miguel (Hugo Perez) and friends celebrate. width:600;;height:400
  • Kelly (Todd Lowe), Mark Allen (Christian Kane), Pool-Ball Sally (Malea Mitchell)<br />and Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich) party at Mark’s house. width:600;;height:400
  • Kelly (Todd Lowe) shakes hands with jockey Calvin Borel (himself) <br />in the paddock at Churchill Downs. width:600;;height:400
  • Producer/Director Jim Wilson directs jockey Calvin Borel (himself) during filming<br />in the paddock at Churchill Downs. width:600;;height:400
  • Chip Woolley (Skeet Ulrich) checks the mud on the track at Churchill Downs. width:600;;height:400
  • Mark Allen (Christian Kane), Leonard ‘Doc’ Blach (William Devane) <br />scream during the Kentucky Derby. width:600;;height:400
  • Trainer Bob Baffert (Bruce Wayne Eckelman) and horse owner <br />Sheikh Al Maktoum (Stewart Richardson) react during the Breeders’ Cup race. width:600;;height:400
  • Mine That Bird (Sunday Rest) misbehaves. width:380;;height:400
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